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all's well that ends covered in catnip

 Friday is catnip day at my house.Crazy cat lady babbleCollapse )

Today as a whole was pretty awful. My eyes were swollen and itchy.People were hateful and difficult. My workmates were lazy and my supervisor is insane. 

But I made myself sweet potato with salted butter and I feel much more joyful. I would say sweet potato is my catnip.

Now all that's left is to shower and wait for that boy. Hopefully a movie and snuggles will completely wipe away the insanity of the day.

big deal

Thank you callmelydia  for this awesome new icon.

I will write an actual journal later. Just wanted to express my awesomeness in this short note.

ps- i'm kind of a big deal around here

pps- for fun music go to www.slacker.com and choose the UK Indie Radio . It's fun.

icon meme

Answer the questions using only userpics. stolen from callmelydia 

Click here for quizzes and cookiesCollapse )

Little Billy has The Asthma, So Now What?

It is a beautiful spring day here in Kentucky. After having the pneumonia and an ear infection I've been sorely lacking fitness and going a little stir crazy.
So I strapped on my running shoes, my hot pink tank top, my iPod, my shades, slathered myself in SPF 9000 and away we go!
Things were going peachy through the complex and even across the bridge. The sun was streaming down, the creek was bubbling. I even smiled at a robin who flew by me on his way to afternoon tea. 
About seven minutes into this liberating joy spree , and just as I had made the turn into the secluded wooded part of the trail something went instantly and horribly wrong. Tightness seized my chest. I had obviously been hit by an invisible ton of bricks .

I slowed my pace and tried to catch my breath.

I did everything I learned as a camp counselor with the asthma kids. Breathe in big through the nose, out through the mouth. Stay Calm.

This wasn't stopping. I was having my first asthma attack in probably 15 years. 

Somewhere inside my brain I was screaming, terrified. I was alone and at least a mile from my house and my rescue inhaler. I didn't bring my phone.

So I did the only thing possible. I put my left foot in front of the right one and started back in the direction I came. Every so often checking myself. Breathe Glenna, you can do this. It took twenty painful minutes to get back to my house. It took twenty more for me to realize I was still shaking.

An hour later I'm here writing about it. Which means two things.

1. I am strong and capable of taking control of my body. I will not let this beat me.
2. God has a purpose for me that doesn't include collapsing in the woods. 

All things are possible... I've just learned that springtime outdoor running is probably not for me.

So until the pollen clears, I'll see you guys on the treadmills instead .

cuteness explosion

My new cat. Felix (name change pending). Is so cute it's hard to think around him. Lucy (my 8yr old angel) is not yet sold on this new cat concept.
She was curious and even sweet in approaching him. She had her ears forward and no fluffing of the tail. All good signs....when KABLAAM! Felix turns into Rosemary's baby. Hissing and growling at Lucy.
Lucy is now terrified of the little demon and hides.
I'm hoping this relationship will evolve into something beautiful. I got the 2nd cat because Lucy loves to play so much, and she came from a house with lots of cats.

I'll keep you all posted. I'm thinking of calling him Bonaparte because of his obvious disposition to be dominant despite his stature.

Oh hai LJ.

I had forgotten about this. I should do this on the regular again. 

PS- I'm in Kentucky now. It's madness really.

seriously thursday already?

Ok so updates.
Ginger Squad is officially moved in and mostly clean and organized. We had a minor incident with the shower stall in my room but it has gotten fixed and I will be able to use it again tommorow. Thankfully I can use jennys till then.

My car is fixed. It was expensive but not as bad as it could be.

Hopefully have gotten the word out about Mavi's workshops in Asheville. If you haven't heard, ask me and i'll tell you. I'm still hoping to go although my car issue set me back.

My lung infection is clearing and I should be back to dance class next week YAy!! I've missed it much.

Last but not least. The Midnight Magnolias are the opening act for Big Mama D's House of Burlesque show on April 4th!! So come out and see our lovely selves. We start at 9pm. Here's the linkage http://www.bigmammasproductions.com/

Ok I've used Jennys computer long enough...oh yeah i need a new one of those too. And new boots. Crap.

ultimate fail

While driving to get my lungs x-rayed because of my lung fail, my car stops working. In the middle of the farking interstate. Again. THis time it's serious about it.

I manage to limp it up the ramp to a gas station parking lot.
I miss my doctors appointment, have to go to minute clinic. Have sinus infection,lung infection and possible ear infection. GO me!!

Now my mom will drive me back out to Statesville Rd to meet the tow driver man who will tow my car to the Goodyear place where hopefully they can fix it and not charge me a ridiculous amount. We'll see. I have to have a car. I was hoping the Beastle would make it through one more year...damnit bobby. I'm pretty sure this means no asheville trip to take Mavi's workshop. Stupid car. Ruining my dance goodness.

I'm tapping out. My plate is full.

PS- The move is done. BIG multitudes of thanks to everyone that helps. And to a certain tall chocolate male bellydancer that helped me move. You left your hoody and I'm holding it hostage until you come visit again! :)

and one last thing

Did I mention the TSA  searched my bag and broke all my feathers and my new starfish hairsticks?  And tore part of my Black lotus top? Did I mention that I felt rage in a new way? Cause well.. I did. I  wanted to hurt them. Security of our country is important .But what right does that give them to damage peoples things? ok enough of that. but seriously.




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